How is a  Balloon Safari?

The balloon safari over the Serengeti & Tarangire National Parks, helps you to Enjoy an incredible Safari and boasting enchanting scenery and uninterrupted views as you embark on an extraordinary adventure. With amazing opportunities for stunning photographic moments, this miraculous glide allows you to absorb the magnitude of the park and its endless wonders.

Read some of our frequently asked questions to find out more about Balloon Safaris.

How much does it cost?

1. Our Rack Rate price is $599 which is inclusive of: pick-up from your camp/lodge, the balloon flight, high speed Wi-Fi, champagne celebration, plated bush breakfast, a post-flight certificate, drop-off at the Visitor’s Centre, the concession fee and VAT.

2. Seronera Love Flight: At the price of $4,800, whether it's a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion. Hot air Balloon is always sure to be one of the highlights of your safari and one of the most original memories for a couple. As a gift from husband to wife or girlfriend to boyfriend or as a joint experience the couple has always    wanted to do hot air ballooning is definitely top of the list.

How long before the experience should I book?

We suggest booking as early as possible. This is due to the immense popularity combined with limited seats available for Hot Air Ballooning in the Serengeti.

How high do we fly?
We will soar as far as the wind takes us over the Serengeti. It is essential to note that balloons float with the wind. There have been instances where our balloons flew for 1 hour and 20 minutes and travelled approximately 10 kilometres. On other days, we flew for 50 minutes and travelled 30 kilometres!

How long does the entire experience last?
As everything is dependent on the weather, this varies. However, in general the whole experience takes about 5 hours from pick up to drop off. 

What is the duration of flight (Balloon)?
About an hour on our Standard flights and one and a half hours on the exclusive Love flights, contingent on weather conditions and suitability of landing sites. However, you should allow a minimum of five hours for the entire experience.

Does the basket waver when flying?
Since it moves with the wind, the basket does not sway. There is no need to worry about motion sickness either!

What do I wear?

Suitable Clothing

  • Trousers/Pants
  • Covered comfortable shoes
  • Scarves
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Long hair should be tied up
  • Any loose items to be placed in your jacket
  • Recommended: A hat for after the flight to avoid getting sunburnt

What essentials should I carry with me?
A tuck camera and binoculars!

What can you see?
These endless plains are host to The Wildebeest Migration where millions of wildebeest and zebra are on a constant journey. With an impressive wildlife population and changing landscapes, the Serengeti always offers unique game viewing opportunities as you drift over one of the seven natural travel wonders of the world.

Of course, your game viewing opportunities are unpredictable as they are contingent on various factors such as the direction of the wind.

You will most likely get the chance to witness a true African sunrise as well as the many winding rivers of the Serengeti, home to the famous crocodiles and hippos!

Can a pregnant women fly ?
Unfortunately, if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, we cannot allow you to fly. Due to the eventuality of bumpy landings, this is for your own safety and that of your unborn child.

Who regulates ballooning and guarantees safety standards ?
This is controlled by the FAA- Federal Aviation Administration. This entity regulates ballooning as strictly as those regulations applied to airplanes.

Why do Balloon takes place in the early hours of the morning?
Balloon experts suggest flying before dusk or on the break of dawn due to the higher probability of friendlier wind speeds at these times.

Can we get a Balloon just for our family?

Yes! To share this magical experience with your family is something we definitely cater for. You can exclusively enjoy the balloon ride with absolute privacy. At the additional cost. 

Is Breakfast included?
Yes! This is one of the many memorable aspects of the experience. After the balloon flight and champagne celebration come to an end, our consultant guides will drive you to our carefully selected bush breakfast area. Our butlers will warmly welcome you to enjoy a scrumptious plated breakfast. Please ensure that you have provided us with any specific dietary requirements in advance so as to help us cater to your specific needs.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Due to unavoidable or unfortunate circumstances leading to a cancellation from your end, the following conditions will apply:

  • Up to 14 days prior to the flight- no cancellation fee charged.
  • 13 days to 7 days prior to the flight- a 50% cancellation fee charged.
  • 6 days to 48 hours prior to the flight- a 75% cancellation fee charged.
  • 48 hours prior to the flight or for a no show- a 100% cancellation fee charged.

If the flight is cancelled from our end, we will refund you the full amount or offer an alternative date for the flight.

If you want to cancel a booking, please contact your agent or send us an email at: info@burdaniexpeditions.com

What if my flight is cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions?

In such unfortunate cases, we will refund you the entire amount of the purchase. However, if possible, we would suggest shifting your booking to the next best alternative date (most likely the next morning).

Do your Balloon flights run all year around?

Yes our operations run every day, 12 months a year, we have seasonal bases in;

  • Seronera: All year round
  • Kirawira: May - July - October
  • Kogatende: June - November
  • Ndutu: December - March (NCAA & TANAPA)
  • Tarangire: All year round
  • Grumeti Singita: All year round (price upon request)

 This ensures that we track the famous migration of the Wildebeest at every step of its journey!

Any age restrictions?

Children between the ages of 5 and 7 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Anyone above the age of 7 can fly with us!

Any weight restrictions?

Due to weight and space restrictions in the basket, anyone over 120kg (265lb/19stone) will be required to pay a supplement.

Any height restrictions?

At least 1.2 metres (3.9ft) tall.

Do we take off before sunrise?

We do try to plan this, although it is not always possible due to several parameters.

1 Hour 30 Minutes 29 May, 29 May, 30 May, and more

What is included in the tour

  • pick-up from your camp/lodge,
  • The balloon flight,
  • High speed Wi-Fi,
  • Champagne celebration, plated bush breakfast,
  • A post-flight certificate,
  • Drop-off at the Visitor’s Centre,
  • The concession fee and VAT. 
  • A sunrise hot-air balloon flight over the Serengeti or Tarangire National Park is surely to be one of the highlights of your safari.

  • Flights last approximately 1h30 and are followed by a Champagne & plated bush breakfast.

  • Hot-air balloon safaris require an early departure from the Lodge at approximately 4:30 am; a quick grab-and-go breakfast is provided.

  • For maximum enjoyment, children are permitted from age five and above.